Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment

A termite invasion can be disastrous. Termites target wood and they endanger houses constructed partly or entirely with wood. A house that is infested with termites must be treated immediately if you want to keep your home.

Expertise is required when treating termites. This does not mean that homeowners can’t do it by themselves. They can do it, but they need to have information on the building construction to identify potential breeding areas of the termites which are impossible to reach without specialized knowledge.  Here is a video on how termite inspection is done.

You can obtain products that can control the termites from a retail store. The homeowner can only destroy termites that are visible. What about the ones that cannot be seen and are in the vicinity? This is where professional termite exterminators come in handy. They have equipment such as drills, large-capacity tanks, pumps and also soil treatment rods that enable them to penetrate foundation walls so as to solve the termite problem.

Types of termite treatment

Treatment by liquid pesticides or termiticides

This method involves injection of liquid termiticides into the ground. The target is to reach below the house and inside the house’s foundation. The aim of this method is to form a chemical barrier between the building and the soil so that termites in the soil cannot reach the building. The pesticide used can be a repellant or a non-repellant. Non-repellant destroys the termites killing them instantly once they enter the soil, and the repellant pesticide keeps the termites away from the house.

Treatment by baiting

This method involves placing baits below the ground for luring the termites. These baits constitute plastic cylinders that are filled with substances that are preferred by termites. These substances contain chemicals that gradually kill the termites as they consume them. The chemicals used are meant to kill the termites slowly. Termites act like ants. They carry food from the source to their nest. Since this food is already contaminated, all termites including those ones in the nest will die. This way, damage will be spread out and not be only limited to termites that are lured by the bait.

Things to consider before carrying out termite treatment

Choose a company that is licensed to carry out termite control. Termite control companies in most cases are licensed by the Department of Agriculture or a local agency that is responsible for control and regulation of termites. A licensed company shows that it is capable of carrying out its work perfectly.

Request for a Termite inspection. Requesting an estimate and inspection from two or more companies helps an individual make a comparison of the services, and verify that one has a termite problem.

Choose a treatment plan that is within the budget. The costs of treating termites vary depending on the size of termite infestation. The homeowner should choose a plan withing budget but that still eradicates the infestation.

Termite problems should be managed as early as possible as any delays can lead to complete destruction of the whole home.